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Products Available for Purchase

To purchase a product from Reiki Spiritual Awakening, please refer to the Contact Page on this website for ways to get in touch with me. 


Payment can be made using e-transfer, cash, Certified Cheque, or International Postal Money Order.

No personal cheques. 

*** Please  see the link to Etsy at the bottom of this page for purchasing select potions and products!! Alternate methods of payment are available through Etsy on those products.

Shipping & Handling are not included in the listed prices. 


​Thank you for your interest!

Gift Baskets

Witchcraft Potions

NEW! Magickal Spell & Ritual Tea Kits!!!

Diane is excited and proud to announce that her Magickal Spells & Rituals are now available to take home as a Kit!

The Kits are beautifully packaged and make a great  gift for a loved one, someone in need, or purchase one as a gift for yourself!

Each Spell & Ritual works Powerfully to help you Invoke and Manifest one Positive Intention.

Each Ritual is a 3 day, 3 step process that includes drinking the Tea provided.

Diane has cast a Spell on each Kit and infused the ingredients with her Magick, Energy and Intention.


Ritual instructions, tea cup, tea filters, and all ingredients are included in each Kit.


Price:  $65 (+S&H)

per Kit!!

4 Kits are available:



Magick Love Spell & Ritual Tea Kit

This Ritual & Spell works Powerfully to help you Invoke and Manifest one Positive Love Intention, whether it be for self-love, relationship love, family love, or friendship love etc. 

Magick Healing Spell & Ritual Tea Kit

This Ritual & Spell works Powerfully to help you Invoke and Manifest one Positive Healing Intention, whether it be for general good health, an ailment or condition,  anxiety, or a disorder etc. 

Magick Money/Abundance Spell & Ritual Tea Kit

This Ritual & Spell works Powerfully to help you Invoke and Manifest one Positive Money Intention, whether it be for attracting money or abundance, a promotion or new job, or even a new home etc. 


Magick Removeal of Negative Energy Spell & Ritual Tea Kit

This Ritual & Spell works Powerfully to help you Invoke and Manifest the removal of Negative Energy, to help Ground you, to help you restore Balance, and to help you to be better able to Manifest Positive Intentions into your life. 

Magickal Healing Chakra Stones

Healing Stones.jpg

Diane's latest Magickal Witchcraft creation is available for purchase!!

Each Stone has the Powerful Intention of helping to Heal blockages and manifesting good health.  The Wheel of Energy throughout the body aligns with the spine - from the base of the spine through the crown of the head. Chakras are your Energy Centres. Each coloured Stone represents one of the 7 Chakras.

Diane handpicked each Stone, then handpainted and glazed each one. As a Witch and Energy Healer, she activated the Energy of the Stone using a Powerful Spell, transforming it by immersing and infusing it with her Energy and Magick.

Each Chakra colour has its own purpose and meaning, and Diane will clarify which one will help you:  Root Chakra (red), Sacral Chakra (orange), Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow), Heart Chakra (green), Throat Chakra (blue), Third Eye Chakra (indigo), Crown Chakra (violet).

Cost:  $20 each (+S&H) 

 White Magick Healing Pochette



Diane's amazing Potion is very powerful!!

This Pochette is infused with Diane's Magick and Energy, to support deep Healing, calming, and strong Grounding.
Carry this Pochette with you at all times, wear it, or hang it.  Comes with a carrying bag (as seen in photograph).

Cost:  $65 (+S&H) 

Potion Necklaces

moon water necklace.jpg

Moon Water

 Healing Potion  

The most unique &  Magickal Potion yet!   Moon Water is prepared by Diane under the Full Moon!

Full Moon Energy is strong and its connection to water is powerful!  This Potion is Recharging & Empowering!  It connects with emotions, positive & negative, purifies, cleanses, releases, resonates, and supports Healing.

Also available in jars, see below!

** Available in sealed necklaces

for $45 (+ S&H)

diffuser cpd2.jpg

 The Diffuser

   Healing Potion  

This is the most powerful Healing Potion yet created and brewed by Diane!

The Intention and  Magick of this Potion supports the diffusion and release of toxins, imbalances, and disease from the body.


**Only available in sealed necklaces

for $45 (+ S&H)


  "Blood of the Witch"
   Healing Potion  

This potion is very powerful!!  This potion created and brewed by Diane Godin supports Healing of deep wounds and blockages from the past.
**Only available in sealed necklaces
for $45 (+ S&H)

protection necklace.jpg
love necklace.jpg
calming necklace.jpg

 Protection Potion:

 - General protection against everything, including fear and anxiety

 - Protection against a more specific need, such as just fear or anxiety.

**Only available as a sealed necklace

for $45  (+ S&H)

 Love Potion:

Brings on self love, love to others, feeling wanted. This potion strongly affects your mood, lifting feelings of depression and affecting a powerful feeling happiness and well-being.

**Only available in sealed necklaces

for $45 (+ S&H)

Calming Healing Potion:

This Calming and Healing Potion powerfully promotes Healing, relaxes, helps with sleep.

Is beneficial for health.

**Only available in sealed necklaces

for $45 (+ S&H)


Special Notes:


 * Necklaces have a sealed vial.  The contents are not to be applied to skin or consumed.

The necklace is worn at all times next to the Heart Chakra.  The MagicK of Diane's Spell is powerful and will manifest your Intention.

Do not allow necklace to get wet!!

moon water post.jpg

 Moon Water

Moon Water Potion:

The most unique & Magickal Potion yet!!

Moon Water Is prepared by Diane under the Full Moon!  Full Moon Energy is strong and its connection to water is powerful!  Together with Diane's Healing Energy & Magick, this Potion is Recharging & Empowering! It connects with emotions, positive and negative, purifies, cleanses, releases, resonates, and supports Healing.

Add Moon Water to your bath, cook with it, and it is drinkable - but it is your choice whether you ingest a small amount every day or not.  This Potion is also available in sealed necklaces for $45 each!  Worn next to the Heart Chakra,  the intention & Magick are just as powerful! 

COST: One Jar of Moon Water Potion $10

 Keep Moon Water refrigerated.

 Local Sales only.

Gift Baskets

Personal Cleansing / Grounding Baskets

Cleansing / Grounding Baskets for Pets

Cleansing  / Grounding Baskets made exclusively for pets to remove negative Energy and provide powerful Grounding.

They also make great gifts!!


​Personal Cleansing / Grounding Baskets to provide yourself with an at-home Cleansing to remove negative Energy and provide powerful Grounding.  A very calming experience that will leave you nice and relaxed.  Available in two sizes.


They also make great gifts!!



Hand-Made Healing Potion Soap

Mint Soap

Potion to support Healing of digestive system and solar plex

Rose Soap

Healing Potion for grounding, alignment, and balancing

Eucalyptus Soap

Potion to support Healing of colds, respiratory system, sinuses and allergies

Orange Soap

Potion to support Healing of blockages and difficulties in sexual area.

Lavender Soap

Healing Potion for calming, relaxing, well-being

Soaps are $15 each plus S&H




Magickal Healing Hand Lotion

This Magickal Healing Lotion Potion deeply soothes and moisturizes skin.   

$25  (+ S&H)

Epsom Salts

Epsom Salts are infused with Diane's powerful Magick and Energy. 

A small amount of these salts in your bath water provides deep grounding and powerful cleansing of Negative Energy.

Available in unscented, Chamomile, Lavender, or Eucalyptus.  

$10  (+ S&H)


Himalayan Salt Lamps

Remove negative Energy from your space with Himalayan Salt Lamps. 


These Lamps are infused with Diane's Powerful Magick and Energy to provide stronger Protection against negative energy!!


Available in 2 styles:


Tea Light Himalayan Salt Lamp $45  (+ S&H) 

Himalayan Salt Crystal and Chakra Lamp (not shown) $65  (+ S&H)



Handmade Jewelry

Hand-Made Jewelry with Spiritual Themes:

Necklaces:  Tree of Life, Angel Wings, Third Eye, "Hope", "Peace", "Love", "Faith", ''Believe'', Crosses in various styles, Celtic Crosses, Feather, Dream Catcher, Half Moon, Buddha, Healing Hand, Skulls, Zodiac Signs and more!

Available with 20"chain or 15-18" hemp cord for $25 each.

** (includes S&H !!)

Handmade Dream Catchers

dreamcatchers group.jpg

Each Dream Catcher is individually handmade, and each is unique with varying colours, bead work and feathers.  Available in 2 sizes.

Small: approx. 13 cm diameter

$15.00 each (+ S&H)

Large: approx. 18 cm diameter

$20.00 each (+S&H)

dreamcatcher large2.jpg


Diane is selling some of her Potions on Etsy!! On those select items, other methods of payment are available. Click on the Etsy link here to view them:  


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