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Reiki Spiritual Awakening

Diane Godin is a Certified Reiki Practitioner, Psychic Medium, and a Witch. 


Reiki is a Spiritual therapy that provides Healing Energy to recharge and rebalance the human Energy Field.​​  ​Reiki provides physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual healing. 

Diane is a Certified Reiki Master, the highest level achievable.​​ 

She has been gifted since a young age with natural Energy Healing abilities, Psychic abilities, Shamanic abilities, and Witchcraft abilities that she has grown and fostered throughout her life.

Diane is an Advanced Energy Healer.  She has combined these natural gifts with formal Reiki Certification to provide a unique and very powerful Healing experience for her clients.


Diane is adept at improving the symptoms of various health conditions, including injuries and illnesses, by focusing on relieving anxiety, stress, and pain in her clients.


She has on many occasions Healed clients with serious injuries and illnesses.


Diane has the unusual ability to combine her natural Healing gifts with her Psychic Mediumship, and other gifts, creating a unique and powerful form of Intuitive Healing.


Diane uses a form of Reiki Therapy that is either hands-on or no-touch, during which the client remains fully clothed.  She combines Reiki with Visualization Techiques, Reading Auras and Chakras, and Psychic abilities to locate and remove Energy blockages and improve and restore the Energy flow in a person and create balance. 


Diane also combines Witchcraft and Shamanic methods to her Energy Healing, raising a person's Energy vibration to an even stronger Healing and relaxation experience.

​​Often during the course of a session, Diane will receive guidance and messages from the client's departed loved ones or Spirit Guides.   She provides a remarkable Healing experience unlike any other. 

Diane also uses her many gifts to provide other services in addition to Reiki.  These services include other Healing Services,  a wide array of Psychic Services, and Witchcraft Rituals, Spells and Potions.

Diane now provides Qi Gong Massage with Chi. which focuses on Yin and Yang, pressure points, helps circulation, nervous tension, knots and kinks, stress, and pain and more. Diane uses her gifts in Energy work to naturally combine with this technique to create a unique and powerful experience and Healing.  She is  further expanding her studies in Qi Gong techniques.


Diane is very experienced in each of these areas.

Diane is also very experienced in leading Meditations, and has developed a unique method of Healing Meditation. She combines Meditation techniques with the principles of Reiki, focusing on the Energy flow and Chakras in the body.  This technique removes blockages in a person's Energy, and restores balance - essentially a form of Reiki without touch.  At the same time, this Healing Meditation calms and quiets the mind, providing profound peace and relaxation.

Diane is a gifted Motivational Speaker, Counsellor, and Mentor.


She draws from her own experiences and struggles to assist her clients.  She helps them to overcome anxiety, stress and panic disorders, or simply helps people live a life with meaning, joy and fulfillment.  Diane understands the struggles people experience with anxiety and stress and panic disorders, having overcome them herself.  She helps her clients learn to calm themselves and heal. 


In addition to her own experiences, Diane is strongly Empathic and Intuitive, and has a natural ability to understand the nature of another person's struggle.  More importantly, Diane has the ability to speak to that person's struggle and help them to overcome it. 


Diane is also very experienced in the process of ''Awakening / Ascension''.  


She has gone through many Awakenings herself over her lifetime, and continues to Ascend.  Diane understands firsthand the sometimes debilitating symptoms and difficulties of these changes.  Diane provides Mentoring for those going through this very challenging time.


Diane is a powerful Psychic Medium. Her gifts include Sentient (feeling), Aural (hearing), Visual, and Clairvoyant (foresight) abilities. Diane also has the ability to Read Energy, Auras, Chakras, and Crows.  Her Healing abilities lend themselves naturally to Dowsing, Witchcraft, and Shamanic practices. 


Diane  is naturally gifted in the Art of Witchcraft.  She performs powerful Healing Rituals and Spells, and creates potions for Protection, Love,  anxiety, and many ailments. 


A strong Psychic Medium with a great deal of experience is required to lead a proper and safe Seance.  Diane has been leading Seances throughout her life, and provides a safe yet entertaining experience for small groups of people. 

​A few times a month, Diane holds Group Events in various forms, including Meditations, Psychic Readings, Witchcraft Readings and Rituals, and Seances.  These events are offered to a limited sized group to enable Diane to share any messages she receives for those present, have some discussion, and enjoy refreshments. 


Occasionally, Diane offers Retreats close to Ottawa.


A Brief Word About Services

Diane Godin has such a wide range of natural gifts that each contributes to every service that she provides.  She consequently offers a unique and powerful version of whatever form of Healing or Psychic Service her client requires.   She has spent a lifetime developing  her natural gifts and has tremendous experience in using them.   She incorporates Energy Healing into her Meditations, Psychic Mediumship gifts into Energy Healing, Shamanic and Witchcraft practices into Smudging/Cleansing, to name a few.  The result is powerful, Healing, calming, and very effective. 

Advanced Energy Healing


Healing of Plants & Animals

Remote Healing

Smudging / Cleansing

Qi Gong Massage

Healing Meditation

Counselling / Mentoring

Psychic Readings

Spirit Messages




Spells & Potions




Special Events

Products for Purchase


Testimonials & Reviews


''I, Fernande Dagenais, mother of Ron Guilbeault, want to share my experience of witnessing Diane Godin's remarkable Healing abilities.


My son Ron had a devastating accident about a year ago, falling on his head from a rooftop.  He sustained a terrible brain injury and was in a coma for a long time.  He recovered to a point where he was able to walk and interact, but he has not been well enough to return home.

About 2 weeks ago things took a terrible turn for Ron.  His body began to fail.  He had to be put on full life support, with a feeding tube and  respirator.  He was non-responsive.  The doctors said he would not recover.


I decided to call Diane Godin to ask for her help on Friday, October 27.  That very night, Diane sent remote Healing Energy to Ron.  By the next morning, on Saturday October 28, the doctors removed Ron's breathing tube!  He was able to breathe on his own.  Ron actually raised his good arm that morning as well.


Diane received permission from the Hospital to visit Ron in the ICU to give him a Reiki session, and she did so on Sunday, October 29.  I was in the room with Ron, Diane, Diane's son, my daughter, and a nurse during this session.  We all witnessed what happened.


During this Reiki session, Diane asked Ron for a sign that he could hear her, and Ron raised his hand and placed in onto hers!  Ron also placed his other hand onto Diane's son's hand!  Ron attempted to raise his head from the pillows, and succeeded in shifting it.  Ron opened one of his eyes!  At one point during this session, Ron began to shake badly.  Diane said it was the energy flowing, and she spoke to Ron, telling him to calm himself.  Ron visibly calmed down!  The shaking stopped.  After the session was over, the nurse said  Ron had fallen asleep.


This is all so amazing.  The doctors said Ron would not recover from this downturn, and certainly never get off of life support.  But, within hours of receiving Healing Energy from Diane, Ron was completely off of life support!  And he's responsive!  I believe in Diane Godin's Healing abilites, and have seen with my own eyes how powerful they are.''


Fernande Dagenais

October 30, 2017

''My name is Suzanne, several years ago I was having problems with my kidneys.  I was hospitalized with a bad gall bladder infection and my body was shutting down.  I was not a diabetic but was [becoming] one, they were giving me insulin while I was in hospital.  This is when I found out I was at stage 3 for kidney failure.  Kidney stages go from 1-4 then dialysis.  At this point Diane Godin started doing [Reiki] for me, I started [losing] weight and my kidney[s] went back to normal to where the kidney specialist though[t] she had the wrong file.  She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the blood work six months later.  I was cured.  Now I was well enough to have my gall bladder removed.  All was well after.


I, Suzanne had a beautiful white cat and it got into a fight outside and had a huge absess in her left ear.  Took her to the vet, they cut it open, drained it and gave her antibiotics.  They left it open to heal from the inside out but it wasn't healing, it took over one month but came back so Diane Godin did [Reiki] and my cat was cured of this nasty absess in very little time and the hole in her ear [never] reopened again.''


Suzanne Grenier

August 2017


Google 5 Star Ratings

★★★★★ September 2019
5 out of 5 Stars​​


"Diane is amazing and truly has a gift. I had my first Reiki session (I picked her based on these reviews). 5 minutes into the session, the feeling was so intense, that I had tears running down my cheeks (don't worry, she wasn't hurting me lol). I'm someone with GAD, and I have lots of difficulty relaxing (and cannot, for the life of me, meditate). I was able to do both. I also received a beautiful message from my late grandma. Diane makes you feel comfortable and definitely not judged; and she also speaks French which is a bonus for me. I also purchased her handmade "Blood of the Witch" Healing Potion necklaces (one for my mom and sister) and some deep grounding epsom salt from her in-house boutique. I recommend this special experience, you're in good hands with Diane."


~ Mj L

★★★★★ February 2019
5 out of 5 Stars​​


"Diane is a great human being. This was my first Reiki session and im definitely coming back for more sessions. During the reiki session Diane had the vision of my grandfather in the room sending her messages for me and all of them made perfectly sense to me. As tears were coming down i could feel his presence in the room and i felt peace in my heart. It was a remarkable experience and i thank her for being such a genuine beautiful person."


~ kat M

★★★★★ January 2019
5 out of 5 Stars​​


"Truly an incredible and positive experience, Diane is very in tune with the spiritual realm and a master of healing. I felt renewed after our reiki session and will definitely be returning soon!"


~ Ryan Andrews

★★★★★ December 2018
5 out of 5 Stars​​


"Diane is a wonderful person! Very kind and a great healer. I had been feeling off and my mood was low so I went to see Diane. After my reiki I felt more energized than I had in months! I also bought one of her calming potion necklaces. I am amazed by how well it works!! I'm always willing to try something that might help my anxiety, especially because I'm weaning off my medication and rebound anxiety sucks. Since wearing the necklace I haven't had any rebound anxiety and I've decreased my dose 2x now!"


Amanda MacIntyre

★★★★★ March 2019
5 out of 5 Stars​​


"I would like to start off by saying that Diane is incredible! I had a reading with her first before doing spiritual cleansing because of my situation. She really saw things that I hadn't even told her, and I just knew that she had a gift. When I came to her, I was bit scared because it was my first time doing something like this. Although the cleansing was super calm and she made me feel safe and secure. During the cleansing I felt the evil energy that had been casted by mother through years of witchcraft lifted. I felt so much lighter after the cleansing and more revived and strong. During the cleansing my father came forth, and she said things that I could tell again only someone that was truly communicating with my father would know. She made me cry because of the beautiful message she had for me from my father. I even bought a necklace love portion that helps you feel self love and attracts love and beautiful things into your life. I could feel it working especially when the hard times showed up these last week. It made me feel calm, and loved; I felt more love for myself than I have had in years. Diane has really showed me she is the real deal! I highly recommend her, especially for spiritual work and cleansing. I even recommended her to another friend.."


~ Elizabeth Costasera

★★★★★ February 2019
5 out of 5 Stars​​


"We are not humans having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience... !! :~)

The first time I ever had reiki healing was in London by a friend of mine, Diane! It raises our frequency to attract more positive & enjoyable experiences into our lives! It's been a long time and while visiting Ottawa I decided it's time to begin again in 2019! Lo & behold I find Diane Godin during my search for a legit practitioner!! She's a true witch doctor!! ;)

Just one session and I've already begun attracting beautiful experiences, such as booking a cool trip in the mountains of BC, I've always wanted to go! I've also been blessed w really sweet lucid dreams the first few days after reiki & couldn't stop giggling in my sleep! This hasn't happened to me in years!! The feeling of pure joy.

I've also bought a "blood of the witch" necklace while visiting her quaint shop in OT! For some reason it drew me in like a moth to a flame. :)

I haven't taken it off my neck except for two separate nights this month, after bathing (& forgetting to wear it)!!! Oops... I was plagued w nightmares both nights!

I know now that it's a protection. Perhaps from my own subconscience, other people's, or from "psychic attacks" (I use that term v loosely)! Who knows? But it works!!!!!

So that's my magical story! Many thanks & blessings Diane Godin. 🙏💛"


~ Shanila Ahmed

★★★★★ November 2018
5 out of 5 Stars​​


"I had a magnificent experience! I went for a cleanse to get rid of the negativity in my life and it was wonderful. Also, I did Reiki for the first time and it was so uplifting. I left with the biggest smile on my face, and for once I just felt free and relieved. My grandfather came through as well to tell me a powerful message :) The details she told me about my grandfather gave me goosebumps. I cannot wait to go back and finally rid anything negative or dark in my life."


~Tiffany Ambar

★★★★★ November 2018
5 out of 5 Stars​​


"I recommend Diane to anyone who believes in reiki and spirituality. She is a good person and I believe she is skilled because after my session, I felt things were progressing inside my body."


~ Iman Haddi

★★★★★ June 2018
5 out of 5 Stars​​


"Diane is absolutely phenomenal!! I didn't tell her anything before starting my reiki session, and she knew exactly what hurts and what needed healing. I felt a weight lifted off of me after seeing her, I feel amazing after and I'm excited to visit her next to continue my healing process!
Very comfortable and warm setting, and she herself is very warm and understanding and I truly felt like I can talk about anything."


~Talia Yousef

★★★★★ June 2018
5 out of 5 Stars​​


"Diane Godin is an extremely gifted, caring, and dedicated Healer. I was in a terrible state before I began Reiki treatments with her, and unable to find help from traditional means. I knew from the first Reiki session with her that I was going to heal, finally. She helped me in so many ways and on so many levels, not only from the many problems I had at the time, but from deep lifelong wounds that I carry. Her many gifts and healing abilities are truly powerful and absolutely amazing, and she is incredibly kind, giving and unlike anyone else out there - I'm so grateful for this wonderful person and healer. I highly recommend her - she'll change your life for the better in ways you cannot imagine.''


~Alison Earp

★★★★★ November 2016

5 out of 5 Stars

​''I have known Diane for more than 5 years. This was before she started her amazing healing. She has helped my husband be rid of the ringing in his ears for a while with the laying of her energy just on his hands. She has guided us with her ability to communicate with those that are no longer physically with us. We know our deceased granddaughter is doing well as she has been heard by family She is one of the best body, mind, and soul healers. She fixes the wrongs in your life whether it be illness of the body or mind. Sometimes the peace of mind comes from people that have passed...she can help with that also. I wish she could get more that 5 stars rating *****************. Call her and be amazed. She is an amazing person.''


Lorna Hayes-Gilmore

★★★★★ November 2016
5 out of 5 Stars​​


"A Recommended Experience...

I just received my first Reiki treatment this morning with Diane Godin, who is a certified Reiki Practitioner as well as a Psychic Medium, and it was great! She has three locations so it's very convenient . My appointment was at her home office and it was a very relaxing, professional and soothing experience. My stress levels went way down, and I feel amazing. I'd definitely recommend you give Reiki a try, and Diane a call to set up an appointment for you. And hey, if you're feeling brave enough spring for a reading too. You won't regret it.''


~Jennifer Labelle

★★★★★ November 2016

5 out of 5 Stars

''I had a short session with Diane, and purchased a basket for the bath. I don't normally sit in a bath, but since I purchased the basket from Diane I have been enjoying the baths. I also purchased a dog basket for my good friend Monkey and I purchased 3 more baskets for Christmas. Keep up the great work Diane!''​


Brenda Purcell

★★★★★ November 2015

5 out of 5 Stars

''Diane is a gifted person with strong healing energy power. Her Reiki sessions are uplifting. She is highly intuitive and able to find the blockages to help us heal. She really cares for the well being of the person consulting her. I highly recommend her. Thank you Diane for all the benefits that I was lucky to get from your Reiki sessions and your beautiful awakening. ''​​


Steph Email

Facebook 5 Star Rating

Some Posts by Clients:

‎Heidi Martin‎ to Reiki Spiritual Awakening

· December 5, 2016 ·


''Diane is a truly gifted soul. It was my daughters suggestion that I give reiki a try to help keep my energy in balance after dealing with breast cancer last year. I was truly amazed, even after my first session, on how relaxed I was & feeling a new sense of balance on a whole new level with any stress minimized. I would definitely recommend Diane & her calming ability to help people on their path of spiritual healing & insight''

Amanda Mandy to  Reiki Spiritual Awakening

· May 8, 2018 ·


''Met with this wonderful woman twice this week she has changed my life forever i can not believe how truly gifted & powerful you are Diane Godin I'm truly blessed to have came to you! Your healing is amazing !!! 
From the reading I've gotten so many messages from my loved ones was beyond exciting to know there was activity in the room from them and sharing things I needed to hear from them . Hearing from justin and knowing hes beside me at all times just warms my heart and knowing mimi is is still here encouraging and disciplining me and trying to guide me in the right way just means everything to me I cant believe she was able to connect with them it was truly amazing to hear from them & knowing they love me & they are watching over me ♡ she truly is amazing!''

Laurel Martin‎ to Reiki Spiritual Awakening
· June 6, 2016 ·


I just wanted to thank you for all the help you've given me over the past couple months, it's truly been a joy and I always look forward to coming to see you for Reiki! In fact I find it amazing that you are able to tell me things about my life that Ive never mentioned before, it's always a sweet surprise haha! I wish I could squeeze everything you've helped me with in this little comment but that wouldn't do it justice. You've done everything from helping me with my mental and emotional health to my physical injuries and experiencing a new level of spirituality I never thought possible! You're a gifted soul and I just want you to know how much your help means to me  so thank you Diane, it truly means the world.''

Jennifer Romaniuk added a new photo to Reiki Spiritual Awakening's Timeline — with Gisele Romaniuk.

· May 5, 2016 ·


''I just wanted to say thank you for our session on Wednesday evening it was a really great experience.

Looking forward to our next Reiki session and relieving some of my anxiety and physical pain in my neck and ankles !

AND, I want to thank you for the message you relayed to me from my mom. Here is the picture that you saw, me a very little girl, standing with my mom in what was my favourite yellow dress (I have never forgotten this dress all my life), as soon as you said it,... I knew what picture to look for !''

Kyra Jade Villeneuve to Reiki Spiritual Awakening 

· September 20, 2018 ·


''My experience with Reiki healing was phenomenal !! I felt amazing after Diane was done and very light, it felt as if she took my negative/bad vibes off my shoulders. It was very relaxing and Diane's shop is absolutely beautiful, I highly recommend going there. I will 100% be back.'

Heather Kelly  to Diane Godin

· September 29, 2015 ·


''Had my first of session of Natural healing. Had my first Reiki session with Diane Godin , really enjoyed my first appointment .  See u soon! Thank you for the messages. If anyone has been thinking about trying. I recommend Diane Godin.'

Renee Couture‎ to Reiki Spiritual Awakening

· March 24, 2016 ·


''Hi all, I just want to mention my experiences with Diane. The Reiki is absolutely phenomenal. It is hard to explain but after only 3 treatments, my body is so much calmer, I feel better than if I got just a massage, it lasts for several days. It actually goes to the root of the problem, that is the stress and anxiety that is causing the discomfort in your body. She also managed to take away a big stress knot I had in my back between my shoulder blades that I know is from ...stress... I have tried massage, chiropractors on this and nothing had the result Reiki had... The heat is so soothing! It is like going on a delightful voyage. I believe in it so much that I am now bringing my two boys for anxiety. Diane also sees things... She saw the bullying at school for one of my boys... We went last week during March Break. I had anxiety about him going back to school :-). Well Monday went like a charm, as oppose to him resisting going... He also sings when anxious and I have seen a reduction in that too! We are going back tomorrow.''

Shyanne Parent‎ to Reiki Spiritual Awakening
· January 23, 2017 ·


''I have nothing but wonderful things to share about this amazing talented woman!

Diane did a spiritual healing on my son Boe Andre after his first surgery.

Boe was born with gastroschisis and his outcome is short bowel syndrome. Left with 12cm of his small intestine.


I had Diane come and do a healing on my son in august after his first surgery because I was told my son wouldn't make it. Nothing gave me more peace at heart than knowing this woman could help give a little healing to my baby boy.

Little did I know at the time, Diane helped heal my son beyond words can believe!

He pulled through so amazingly fast!

After three months spent at Toronto sick kids where he was reconnected small bowel to large to help give him more length, I am so excited to have her do another one tomorrow!

The strength and warmth this woman carries around with her is so extremely strong and amazing. I truly believe in this talent with all my heart.

Thank you Diane for having such a big impact on my baby's health and healing. You've brought so much happiness to us.

We look forward to many more of these with you throughout baby boes journey.

Much love. ''

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