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Reiki  Spiritual Awakening

Diane Godin

~ The Witch ~


Advanced Energy Healer

Certified Reiki Master

Psychic Medium

I now work at 2 locations! Please visit my Contact page for details.


Hello Everyone,

I am excited to announce that I am planning  to host  events soon! Please check back in for details!

Love & Light 

Blessed Be



Diane Godin

Advanced Energy Healer

Psychic Medium



Diane Godin has been gifted with natural Healing, Psychic Mediumship, Witchcraft, and Empathic abilities since a very young age.  She is adept at combining her gifts and focusing Healing Energy in many forms, including Reiki, Remote Healing, Healing of Plants and Animals, Energy Cleansing / Smudging, Healing Meditations, Counselling / Mentoring, Shamanic Practices, Witchcraft Spells & Potions, Psychic Readings, Card Reading, Dowsing, and Seances.

Diane also leads special Group Events and Retreats.

Diane has been gifted with extraordinary Psychic Mediumship and Empathic abilities.  Diane offers Readings of various types, including Cards and Dowsing, and is a naturally gifted Witch with Shamanic abilities.  These abilities combine with her Energy Healing abilities to create a unique Intuitive Healing for her clients.  Diane schedules Special Group Events that include Witchcraft Readings & Rituals, and Séances.

Certified Reiki Master

Diane is a Certified Reiki Master, and Certified Plant & Animal Healer.  Her natural gifts as an Energy Healer made this advanced Certification a logical step in her professional career.  Diane uses her gifts as a Light Worker for a number of Healing services.  Together with her various Psychic Mediumship abilities, her Empathic abilities, and her natural gifts in Witchcraft and Shamanism, Diane is a uniquely focused and powerful Reiki Master and Healer.  

Psychic Medium

Diane has been gifted with extraordinary Psychic Mediumship and Empathic abilities.  Diane offers Readings of various types, including Psychic Medium Readings, Card Readings, Spirit Card Readings, and Dowsing.  Diane's Psychic abilities combine with her Energy Healing, Empath, and Witchcraft abilities to create a uniquely Intuitive and powerful experience for her clients.  


Diane has been gifted as a Witch and Earth Worker with natural Shamanic abilities since a very young age.  Her gifts are powerful, Instinctive and Intuitive, and are used in powerful Rituals, Spells, and Potions for Healing, clearing away Negative Energies  and such and to manifest Positive Energy and Intentions.  Her gifts in this area are enhanced by her natural abilities as an Energy Healer and Psychic Medium.

​​Reiki is a Spiritual therapy that provides Healing Energy to recharge and rebalance the human Energy field.​​  ​Reiki provides physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual Healing.  ​​


Diane uses a form of therapy that is either hands-on or no-touch, during which the client remains fully clothed.  She combines Reiki with Visualization Techiques, Reading Auras and Chakras, and Psychic abilities to locate and remove Energy blockages and improve the Energy flow in a person.

​Diane is adept at improving the symptoms of various health conditions by focusing on relieving anxiety, stress, and pain. 

​Diane has the unusual ability to combine her natural Healing gifts with her Psychic Mediumship, creating a unique and powerful form of Intuitive Healing.  Diane can also combine other ritualistic and Shamanic methods with her Energy Healing, raising a person's energy vibration to an even stronger Healing and relaxation experience.


​​Often during the course of a session, Diane will receive guidance and messages from  the client's departed loved ones or Spirit Guides.   She provides a remarkable Healing experience unlike any other. 

Certified Reiki Master
Psychic Medium 

Diane has been gifted since a very young age with extraordinary Psychic abilities in many spheres, including but not limited to Aural (hearing), Sentience (feeling), Visual, Reading Auras, Reading Chakras, Reading Energy, Reading Crows, strong Empathic abilities, and Clairvoyance (foresight).   ​​

Diane provides Psychic Readings for her clients, and receives messages from their departed loved ones and Spirit Guides.  Psychic Readings can be provided with or without the use of Cards, Dowsing, or other methods.​ 

Diane also offers Spirit Card Readings, a unique  type of Card Reading.  Due to her powerful Psychic abilities, Diane's Spirit Messages are very personal, profound, and uplifting.





Diane is also a gifted Witch.  Diane's abilities in Witchcraft became apparent at an early age, and are instinctual and intuitive.


Diane focuses only on the Healing aspects of Witchcraft, on Positive Intentions, and the Divine aspects of the Art.  She conducts Mystical Rituals in which Positive Intentions are manifested,  and various Rituals that clear away Negative Energy and blockages.

Diane develops Potions and Spells for a variety of Healing purposes and to draw and attract Positive Energy towards good intentions.  Some are used in her Spells and Rituals, and many are available for purchase for a variety of purposes, including Protection, attracting Love, and for calming.


Diane is one of few who are gifted with so many Healing, Psychic, and Witchcraft abilities since a very young age.  She is gifted with the unusual and powerful combination of being both Light Worker and Earth Worker.  She has been fortunate to have spent her lifetime developing, understanding, learning, practicing, expanding on, and integrating these natural gifts. 


She has studied extensively and formally trained in many facets of Energy Healing, Psychic Mediumship, and Witchcraft.  She is currently studying Qi Gong, Acupressure, and Naturopathic Therapy to add to her skills and knowledge in Healing.


She continues to Awaken and Ascend.

She has a fully opened Third Eye, is a Night Traveler, and has risen through many Dimensions.


​Her gifts are continually growing and becoming more complex and powerful.  She is deeply connected to Spirituality and the Divine.


Diane respects and honours her abilities as the Divine Gifts that they are,

and has devoted her life to the Healing of others.

Services Provided
NEW:  Witchcraft Tea Reading!!

 Join Diane for a specially brewed cup of Tea, and she will use her many gifts and Magick for a powerful and unique Reading of the Tea Leaves!!


Diane is a Certified Reiki Master, the highest level achievable.  Diane combines her many natural gifts during her Reiki sessions to provide a unique and powerful Energy Healing for her clients.  Her calming and intuitive techniques provide relief and relaxation as well as Healing.  Diane is devoted to the well-being and comfort of her clients. 

Remote Healing

Diane's abilities naturally extend to the practice of Remote Healing.  Remote Healing is the sending of positive, calming, and/or healing Energy to a person from a distance.  The distance can be nearby / local, or across the country.

 Qi Gong Healing Massage

 This massage focuses on Yin and Yang, pressure points, helps circulation, nervous tension, knots and kinks, stress, and pain and more. Diane uses her gifts in Energy work to naturally combine with this technique to create a unique and powerful experience and Healing.

Cleansing / Smudging

Smudging is the practice of clearing negative Energy from a space, usually a home.  This is an intensive service that Diane provides, and involves the use of all of her natural gifts and abilities in various forms, including her ability to Read Energy, Psychic abilities, Shamanic abilities. and Witchcraft abilities.  Diane is very experienced in this practice, and often receives messages from departed loved ones and Spirit Guides during a Cleansing.

Animal / Plant Healing

Diane is also certified in the Healing of Plants and Animals.  She performs a Healing Technique similar to that used in her Reiki practice.  Her Intuitive abilites and gifts in Energy Reading to find blockages or illness make her uniquely able to provide Healing to plants and trees, and calming and Healing to animals and pets.


Diane is an experienced Practitioner of various Meditation techniques.  She provides one-on-one Meditation sessions for clients, either in person or over the phone.  She practices a calming and focusing technique that relieves symptoms such as anxiety, panic, stress, and physical pain.  Diane developed and specializes in Healing Meditations that focus on the Energy flow and Chakras in the body, clearing out blockages and providing Healing as well as relaxation.

Counselling / Mentoring

Diane is a gifted Motivational Speaker, Counsellor, and Mentor.  She understands the struggles with anxiety and stress people live with, and the difficulty of Awakening / Ascension symptoms.  Diane draws from her own experience and struggles that she has faced in her life, and her Empathic, Intuitive, and Psychic abilities provide her with unique insight  and understanding into how to help her clients.

Spirit Card Readings

Diane offers Spirit Card Messages 

during which she connects with your energy, with Spirit, and calms, uplifts, and provides guidance for you.  Diane  gives a truly powerful message from Spirit that provides unique clarity for you. This is not a typical Reading, and will ease your mind like no other.

Card Readings

Diane provides powerful  Card Readings for clients.  She uses Cards in a manner that is unique, as she has the ability to utilize so many Psychic Gifts in her work.  The accuracy of Diane's Readings is extraordinary.

SPECIAL  OFFER ON CARD QUESTIONS! ONLY $45! Phone Questions only. See Services page for details!


Seance is a lost art form.  A true Seance requires the guidance of a Psychic Medium with extensive knowledge and experience in Reading Energies to provide a safe yet informative and entertaining experience.  Diane has spent her lifetime developing her skills in this art.

Psychic Readings

Diane is a gifted Psychic Medium.  She has natural gifts in several arenas of Psychic ability, including but not limited to Aural, Sentient, Visual, Intuitive, and Empathic abilities.  Diane is a powerful Energy Reader, Aura Reader, Chakra Reader, and Crow Reader. She has the gift of Foresight, and receives messages from departed loved ones and Spirit Guides.


Diane has years of experience in the art of Dowsing.  She uses this method in the traditional way to read Energies and Auras, but Diane is also able to provide a unique form of Psychic Reading by using this method to communicate with Spirit Guides. This is an unusual and powerful experience that permits clients to ask specific questions and receive responses.


Diane has an instinctive and intuitive understanding of the many rituals and Healing practices associated with the Art of Witchcraft, in its purest and most natural Divine form.  She has spent her lifetime developing her skills and knowledge in this area. Diane offers  many powerful Spells & Potions for a variety of Healing purposes.

Group Events

Diane leads Group Events at least twice a month. These vary, but include Group Meditations, Psychic Readings, Mediumshop Events, Witchcraft Readings, and Seances.  All events are followed by discusssion and refreshments.  Upcoming Events with dates and cost are on this site's Services page.

Products for Purchase

Select items are available for purchase from Reiki Spiritual Awakening.  These include Healing Potions of all kinds,  Cleansing and Grounding Baskets, Spiritually themed original jewelry and artwork, and handmade Dream Catchers.  See this site's Products page for details, images, and cost.


Once or twice a year, Diane offers Retreats for Meditation, Mentoring, and Psychic Events.  Diane provides a relaxing and enjoyable experience in nature in a comfortable setting close to Ottawa.  See this site's Services page for Upcoming Retreats, details, dates, and cost. 

About Diane Godin

Diane has been gifted since a young age with extraordinary natural Energy Healing, Psychic Mediumship, Empathic, Witchcraft, and Shamanic abilities that she has grown and fostered throughout her life.

She has combined these abilities with formal Reiki Certification to provide a very powerful healing and calming experience for her clients.

She has on many occasions Healed clients with serious injuries and illnesses.


Diane is also fully Certified in the Healing of Plants and Animals, Cosmic Healing, Qi Gong Energy Healing and Meditation Level 1 and 2.


Diane is a gifted Motivational Speaker, Counsellor, and Mentor, drawing from her own experiences and struggles to assist her clients.  She understands the struggles people experience with anxiety and stress and panic disorders, and helps her clients learn to calm themselves and heal. 


In addition to her own experiences, Diane is strongly Empathic and Intuitive, and has a natural ability to understand the nature of another person's struggle.  More importantly, Diane has the ability to speak to that person's struggle and help them to overcome it.  She is very experienced in the process of ''Awakening / Ascension'', and provides Mentoring for those going through this challenging time.

Diane also uses her many gifts to provide other services in addition to Reiki, Energy Healing, and Psychic Mediumship.  Her abilities include the Art of Witchcraft, in which she conducts Mystical and Ritualistic practices to remove Negative Energy, manifest Positive Intentions, Crow Readings, and leading Seances. Diane is also gifted in creating Potions and Spells to provide Healing, Protection, the removal of Negative Energy, the attraction of Positive Energy, and the manifestation of Positive Intention.

What is available to you on this Website

Read my About Page for more details about Reiki Spiritual Awakening, including Testimonials and Reviews.


Visit my Services Page for more details about the services I offer and my rates. Many Services are available by phone!! Also be sure to look at my Special Group Events and Retreats that are coming up.


Products are available for purchase from Reiki Spiritual Awakening.  Items include Powerful Healing Potions of all kinds, Cleansing and Grounding Baskets, Healing Soaps, Healing Teas and Lotions, and other items such as Spiritually themed Jewelry, handmade Dream Catchers, and Original Artwork.  

If you have any questions, or wish to get in touch with me to book a session or service, please visit my Contact Page for contact information. 


​​You can also visit my links on Social Media by clicking on the icons located at the bottom of each page.

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